Audits & Contracts


The Perp88 team puts significant emphasis on the internal code review process to make sure that our protocol is safe. We also worked with InSpex, a leading cyber security firm with a strong records auditing many leading protocols in DeFi, to independently audit our codes. You can find the audit report here. All our codes are open-source and you can review them on our Github repo.​
As an extra layer of security, we will also have a public bug bounty program run by Immunefi, a leading Web3 bug bounty platform. The program is currently in the process of being set up, and we will make a separate announcement once it goes live.


For the list of our contracts, please visit this link.
Note that Perp88 implements the Diamond Standard from EIP-2535 on our smart contracts, which is currently not supported by PolygonScan. For more details, please visit the our Medium article.
To find the guide on how to interact with our contract directly, please visit here.
Please also note that Perp88's contracts are under a 24-hour timelock. You can find the timelock contract here.