How to use Perp88

There are currently four ways you can use Perp88.


What you do as a Depositor:
  • You deposit eligible assets into the PLP fund, which acts as liquidity for the leveraged traders and swappers.
What you get as a Depositor:
  • You receive PLP tokens which represents your deposits.
  • When staked, you receive 85% sharing of all protocol revenues.
  • You also receive 100% of the profits from acting as the counterparty for traders on Perp88 (i.e. you profit if traders lose.)

Leveraged Trader:

What you do as a Leveraged Trader:
  • You deposit collateral to Perp88 & open a leveraged long or short position on supported assets.
  • Perp88 supports limit orders, trigger orders, stop-loss orders, and take-profit orders so you can manage your risks and strategy easily.
  • Perp88 supports leverage up to 88x
What you get as a Leveraged Trader:
  • You receive profits (or losses) accrued from your leveraged long or short positions.

Spot Trader:

What you do as a Spot Trader:
  • You swap assets in PLP while incurring 0% price impact regardless of the trading size.
What you get as a Spot Trader:
  • You receive asset that you swap for without incurring any price impact.

👪 Referrer:

What you do as a Referrer:
What you get as a Referrer:
  • You receive rebates from your referee's deposit & trading fees in USDC while your referees receive discounts on those fees.
    • The actual discount and rebates will be determined by the referee's all-time deposit value or weekly trading volume and the number of active users you bring to the platform.
    • More details on the referral program here.