Vision & Roadmap

Perp88 aspires to be the one-stop shop for derivative products! This means that we’re not only limiting ourselves to futures perpetual product on cryptocurrencies, but we’re also going to be expanding into other perpetual and derivative products as well as other asset classes!
We want create a comprehensive decentralized derivative exchange where our users can trade more efficiently and maximizing their financial gains.
Below, we share with you our project roadmap.

Project Roadmap

Q4' 2022:
  • Onboard new users: Grow the awareness and user base of Perp88 through marketing, partnerships, and community activities
  • Info & Analytics Page: Track key usage statistics for Perp88.
  • Listing on Key Data Sites: List Perp88 on key data aggregator website -e.g., DefiLlama — for better discovery by the community.
  • Dragon Dynasty NFT Designs: A free mint collection of 888 NFTs for the early adopters of Perp88. This quarter will focus on crowdsourcing the traits design and preparation for the mint.
Q1' 2023:
  • PnL Leaderboard & Trading Competition: Showcase your trading skills and compete for rewards in Perp88 official trading competitions.
  • Listing of Additional Cryptocurrencies: Expand the selection of assets users can long / short on Perp88.
  • Bug Bounty Program: Implement the bug bounty program to incentivize the Whitehat community to help secure the protocol.
  • MEV Aegis: Improve the trading experience at Perp88 with the fast price feeds from leading centralized exchanges and build an MEV-resistant architecture with 0% price slippage.
  • Marketing campaigns: Continue to execute marketing campaigns and activities to strengthen Perp88’s community and grow our user base.
Q2' 2023:
  • Launch of Perp88 v.02: Revamp Perp88's trading platform on a structural level to create a superior trading experience while offering more asset classes and safety measures.
  • Listing of Additional Cryptocurrencies: Expand the selection of assets users can long / short on Perp88.
  • Listing of non-crypto assets: Expand beyond cryptocurrencies to FX and equity. To achieve this, we will create a new stable vault to support the new perpetual product model.
  • Mint of Dragon Dynasty NFT: Minting of the NFTs for early adopters.
  • Utility for Dragon Dynasty NFTs: Stake Dragon Dynasty NFTs to receive platform utilities / benefits [TBD].
Q3 — Q4' 2023:
  • Everlasting Options: Create a new type of derivative. Everlasting options give traders long-term options exposure without the effort, risk, or expense of rolling positions. This will be a big endeavor but could potentially unlock a new market and growth opportunity for Perp88.
Please note that this roadmap is subjected to change. Perp88 team will remain nimble and resilient din making adjustments to the roadmap to ensure Perp88 can respond to the dynamic market environment and capture any new potential opportunity for growth.