Close a Leveraged Position

Step 1: To close a leveraged position, please go to Please note that in order to close a position, you must already have an existing open position.
Step 2: Connect your wallet to the app by clicking on the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner of the application.
Step 3: Select which leveraged position you'd like to close and then click on the "Close" button.
Please note that opening another leveraged position in the opposite direction of the position you want to close will not close the position. Instead, you will end up with two leveraged positions.
Step 4: A pop up will then show up. Click on the "Market" tab to close the position at the current market price or "Trigger" tab to close a position at a specific price.
Step 4.1: If you selected using the trigger order in the previous step, please also specify at which price you would like your order to be executed.
Step 5: Indicate how much of your position value in USD that you would like to close.
Step 6: You will have the option to keep the same level of leverage for your position. If you'd like to do so, please check the box. Note that if you check the box, a portion of your collateral would be withdrawn to maintain the same level of leverage.
Step 7: Click on the "Close Position" button to close your position.
Step 8: Once done, a Metamask pop up will show up. Simply confirm all the transaction requests to proceed with closing the leveraged trading position.